As a health and safety consultant, I help companies move into regulatory compliance with a human-centered and solution-based approach. I’m energized by helping organizations take better care of their people by providing a safe and healthful workplace, which ultimately helps them positively impact productivity and carry out their missions more effectively.

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I'm Lindsay Polic

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When you hear those words, what comes to mind? 

In my experience, most people hear those words together and their eyes glaze over. Me? I light up. 
My name is Lindsay Polic. I’m a health and safety consultant who takes a human-centered approach to help companies identify and close the regulatory gap.  

Why human-centered? 
Because I’m not caught up in regulations, red tape and catching people breaking rules. 
I’m in it to help organizations take better care of their people and make safety accessible to everyone. I’m driven by the opportunity to provide structure and guidance, so organizations can create a safe and healthful work environment. Ultimately, inspiring everyone to have a greater impact, improved productivity and carry out their missions more effectively. 

My daily goal is simply to help people create safe environments for their employees. The day-to-day stuff I do as a consultant involves me creating and implementing holistic health and safety programs, conducting compliance assessments and audits, and a host of other projects that relate to regulatory compliance. 
Beyond those things, I want to redefine what it means to live a safe life - both in and outside of work. As a speaker and mentor to other safety professionals, I love showcasing how important it is for us to lead from a place of authenticity in a field that’s super rigid and heavily male dominated. You might be wondering how that’s even possible, but I am living proof that it is! 

To learn more about my consulting work, I invite you to visit my services page. 


Health. Safety. Work. 

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Enterprise Health & Safety Meets Human Health & Safety

As a consultant, thought leader and emerging speaker in the EHS space, Lindsay’s philosophy is to merge the health and safety of the enterprise with the health and safety of the human. Her expertise lies in her ability to demystify the complexities of regulatory compliance requirements and create custom solutions that fit her client’s needs. Organizations that wish to be leaders in their industries and understand that safety is part of that goal, call upon Lindsay for guidance, direction, and results. Below is how we can work together.

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Insurance Client

SO glad to have you back with us! Our client admitted to what we’ve known for years – you’re a great culture fit.


Martin Castro

I am grateful to have met Lindsay, the knowledge I was able to gain this past year while she served as my mentor during grad school and aspiring safety professional was invaluable. Her extensive knowledge and support have allowed me to quickly break through into the field of safety and provide meaningful contributions to my organization. From day one I could tell Lindsay had a true passion for teaching and safety, I appreciate her help and guidance.

MPH, Health and Safety Specialist, California State University, Fullerton


Management Consulting Client 

Another successful project in the books. Thanks so much for your help! 


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